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English people are people part of the british society. Let me clear things up.
1.Not all English people have bad teeth. Infact, the majority of teens today have perfect teeth because with the NHS, if you're under 16 we get braces for free.
2. Yes, most of us drink a high amount of tea. But not all of us like it, or drink it.(Stereotype).
3. We're not jealous of Americans.
4.We're not all pussies. I'd like to see you got to south london and try and start a fight.
5. Not every one of us hates americans.
6. I know alot of people who are amazing on Xbox.
7. Yes, we swear a lot. I honestly don't see the need for the word 'fuck' used about 5 times in a sentance.
8. We have alot of hot people in this country too.
9. There are many different accents, we're not all posh. I come from the south, so a southern accent can be quite harsh. Like a farmer.
Basically, what I'm trying to get at is if you actually met us you'd realise that we are the exact opposite of what you think we are.
guy1:dude, she's hot.
guy2: I heard she's from England.
guy1: no way! i gotta check that place out.
guy3: I heard there are English people all over the place that look like that!
by indrajazzzz December 06, 2011

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