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RPG - role playing games/gamer... And the -er stands for ADDICT.

They use the internet to escape reality to feed their inferiority complex issues, thinking they finally become BIG when online, forgetting they are still really small in the real world.

They use RPG-ing as an excuse to scapegoat on people, to troll, harass and stalk other people online.

When role playing makes them feel big all of a sudden they become bullies that trample all over people.

RPG-ing gives the RPGer an excuse to look down on other people.
You find these freaks all over new age sites claiming to be otherkin, from aliens to angels.

Otherkin RPGer: "Hi I am the new jesus incarnate, bow down to me or prepared to be trolled by my mindless fuckheaded groupies!"

Me: "yeah so if you are jesus then I am God, where's the fucking love baby? I don't feel the love!! I don't see you bowing down to me, make yourself busy and kneel before me because there is no way in hell I would worship you!"

Otherkin RPGer: "oh you are such an evil hater, why can't you just let me and my hate pack groupies be?"

Me: "Because you try to force your divine role play personas down on other people.... I have a better idea why don't you just fucking worship me instead you attention motherfucking whore!"

Otherkin RPGer: "You will be so very sorry for not making me your god" (runs away crying)

Me: (thinking in a soliloquy) "is that weakness shining through? When you don't bow down and worship them as gods, they piss and moan and call you names realizing they aren't so special after all!"
by indigohater December 31, 2012
People who use role playing to escape from their problems, taking on otherkin personas as a cry for help from the masses.

They seek to employ attention whoring as a cry for help from other people.

They wish to be seen, loved and appreciated online because in real life they know they are invisible to the world and no one cares about cowards who cannot deal with their problems in a healthy way!

They say they are here to heal others but they are the ones really in need of healing...how can they solve other people's problems if they cannot even work through their own shit?

Otherkin identify as NON-human personalities only to just not look at their own fucked up human condition that needs real healing!
Otherkin: "hi I am an angel, I am here to solve all your problems, currently I am going through a divorce and struggle for custody over my own child while I struggle with an unfaithful husband!"

Me: "uhhm if you are an angel of love and light why did you fuck up your marriage, why does your husband hate you, why do you have a failed family life, why is your personal life a mess? Yeah I bet your kid will really love you some day for leaving her dad!"

Another example would be:

Otherkin: "I am an angel here to save the world but I am too sacred shitless to deal with reality, so I stick with online role playing instead... It is people like me that give indigo children a bad aftertaste since when I am busy trolling and glorifying myself online you know I really don't have time to make a real difference out there in the REAL world."
by indigohater January 03, 2013
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