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How is it possible to define an indie kid. This term indie kid is somewhat overused and individuals who profess to be indie are clearly conforming to mainstream culture. Indie is simply a term that is used in modern society to describe a red brick university student of the 1970s. They enjoyed wearing clothing that was not over ellaborate or attention seeking. There clothing collection was minimilast but often looked good because the rest of society were simply trying too hard to stand out from the crowd and in my opinion still do. They like discussing topics of an intellectual nature which include the arts, science, politics etc. There music taste is not pretentious just different with varying levels of obscurity. Idiots who spend time looking for obscure music on pitchfork are not indie. They are elitist and have no appreciation of varying musical genre's. There not better than the average person on the street but just more culturally aware and educated.

quite simply anybody who tells you they are indie are conformative and in the process are creating a paradox for the meaning of the word indie or independant.
1970s student (indie kid): Have you read lewis wolpert's new book on cell biology. It really simplifies such a complex field of biology.

Average person: Fuck off, your boring
by indieforlyfe June 23, 2009

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