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The inner city phenomenon of the worst suburban ideals such as: conformity, cookie cutter, boring and small-mindedness infecting a major city from the inside out.
Today I saw yet another "mom & Pop" shop close only to be replaced with another Bridle/baby stroller/Bank Branch/all you can eat buffet/home wares store in San Francisco. The "Suburban Fungal" is growing.
by indieboysf August 23, 2012
The fat or collection of fatty deposits residing in or around the waist area resembling the shape of an inner tube. These "tubes" can have various sizes or widths depending on the total number of years worked in an office environment without the proper muscle strengthening exercises to counteract this development.
He went from working on his feet all day to working in an office 40 hours a week, and as a result he got an "office inner tube."
by indieboysf August 03, 2011
To have a similar appearance of a homeless person or reprobate.
He was looking rather 'homelessey' today.
by indieboysf July 13, 2010

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