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the paris hilton of the 1960's. this slivery-blond-haired (dyed) beauty was glamourous, wealthy, gorgeous- and completely fucked up. she was always on some kind of drug, and usually at andy warhol's side, for she was his muse.
edie sedgwick is the most tragic heroine (no pun intended, although she mostly preferred amphetamines in the morning and barbiturates at night).
by indie_nympho27 June 06, 2005
a show that takes place in laguna beach, california starring who are the clearly the richest and most beautiful kids in the area. its not reality, but it sure is pretty. i live in riverside nearby, and ive been to laguna many times. its just like newport or huntington or any of the other beaches in cali. its not tons of lavish homes and rich people, although you can see the rich homes from the street. i LOVE living in california, because MTV is so obsessed with socal ive been everywhere they show on TV. i just dont like that stupid kids in like the midwest and the south and the friggin east coast are wearing stuff that says im from the OC!, or naming a place in cali, even though theyve NEVER BEEN THERE.
laguna beach is cool to watch because you can see inside what its like to be rich and beautiful.
by indie_nympho27 May 30, 2005

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