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2 definitions by indie1234

what you guys dont get is a band has to be good before selling out. green day, maroon 5, and all this mtv crap was never even good music. its when a band that was once good becomes crappy just to get on mtv. a band cant start as a sell out.
modest mouse can be described as a somewat sell out
by indie1234 August 24, 2007
10 13
1. one of the best nba teams in the past few years. ave won what, 4 out of 9 championships? pretty good.
2. this gay football (soccer) team from england, that always has sucked and always will, and whos fans talked down to arsenal and chelsea fans, despite the fact that the latter two own the spurs. full name is the tottenham hotspurs
1. guy-kobe, shaq, lebron, d wade, and garnett vs. the spurs, who ya got?
guy2-spurs in a blowout

2. spurs fan-ya wanka, tottenham is the real london club, ya wanker, haha, wanker.

arsenal fan-too bad you guys cant beat us...

spurs fan-wanker.
by indie1234 August 24, 2007
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