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A guy gets his first piercing and begins growing out his hair and listening to hip scene music, and girls begin to like him more.
Therefore, he listens to more music, grows out his hair more, and gets more piercings.
At this point he's popular and SUPERHAWT and does cool stuff like smoke and go to shows and raves.
Then, after large amounts of hip music and piercings and whatnot, he starts becoming a little more gay. He may also start wearing makeup for extra scene-ness. Girls and most guys become weirded out.
To counteract the gayness, he shaves his head, listens to more xHARDCOREx music and goes straight edge. Then he realizes that he's a douche and nobody likes him, so he grows out his hair again, and the cycle restarts.
timothy: wow, I'm so cool with my tight pants and long hair and makeup!

shawn: dude, not really. You're sooo scene, you're kinda gay now.

timothy: oh shit, I need to shave my head and listen to more manly music and stuff!

shawn: whatever dude, you'll always be a scene boy.
by ind33dlkbkf January 25, 2009

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