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a person that will do anything for attention; a flashy or flamboyount person; someone drawing attention to themselves; (like a flashy advertising banner online)
-Dude, your girlfriends' a total banner.
-Why's that banner doing naked cartwheels?
-You can see her nice ass in her miniskirt, man I love banners.
-Check out that guy shouting in his cellphone, what a banner.
-That blond chick was such a banner in high school.
by imurfriend January 17, 2008
What happens when you stand against the crowd; the result of going against a popular opinion; to get ruthlessly & humiliatingly kicked out of a system or crowd; (past) to no longer be a part of a well known/famous/popular crowd

-Much like the planet Pluto, Amy got Pluto'd for being too distant
-I Pluto'd Rebecca from my buddy list for dating a loser
-Frat boy Frank got pluto'd when he admitted he was gay
-Eric got kicked out of the queer crowd for going bi.
-Ugly Betty should get pluto'd from Tv for being lame
by imurfriend January 17, 2008
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