1 definition by imtiredsleeptonight

When talking to someone on the internet (be it Skype, AIM, Facebook, etc.), and they begin to become sluggish in their responses, or halt them completely, because they're talking to someone else who is obviously a higher priority. Can be subtle, or they can simply say "Sorry I am taking so long, I am talking to someone else." Can also be used as a verb, to e-ject, or to stop talking to someone because you're occupied talking to someone else.
Bro 1: I was Facebookin' it with Julia last night, and then she started to not respond.

Bro 2: Was she idle?

Bro 1: Nah, she was even updating her status.

Bro 2: Bro, you jgot E-Jected.
Girl 1: Chris tried to talk to me last on AIM, so I chatted for about five minutes, until my boyfriend got on. Then I had to E-Ject him.
by imtiredsleeptonight January 17, 2010

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