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white kids, in the middle to upper class of society, ussualy between the ages of 14 - 17 who wear tight pants for guys this ussualy means girl pants and often pants borrowed or taken from a female related to them such as a sister. Emo kids often live in a suburban enviroment. They have hair that comes down to about the length of their cheek bones and is covering one eye. emo kids almost always are heard arguing with their mom or dad and most of their converstions end with a door slaming. "No one understands me" is their favorate line because they want to feel unique. (what they fail to realize is by being emo they are joining an entire subculture of people.) Emo kids often make up a small melodramatic story for every tiny imperfection they find in their fairly normal lives that is rarely different from the average kids life. emo kids travel in packs and pairs and prefer to hang out with people who have sympathy for their made up problems.(mostly other emo kids) emo kids sometimes take depression medication to treat their alleged depression that does not exist. They spend hours on myspace either making their page look sad, adding hundreds of either the same picture from different angles they took minutes ago or poorly edited pictures where eithr hue has been altered or the paintbucket tool has been used to fill most of the picture with black paint. Emo kids hang ussually go out with girls who ussually dump them within a month at the most. (ussually because the girl is tired of having two pussys) some emo kids take it to the next level and cut their wrists to gain attention because by about the hundreth time if they were trying to kill themselves they would have succeded by now. for all intensive purposes emo kids (ussually boys) are like a gay man who cant come out of the closet. Also emo kids are often heard asking for a hug from random people when they go somewhere because they want attention.
"can i have a hug"
"No your emo and all you emo kids want hugs!"
by imtempid February 14, 2007

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