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1. response from southern folk to other southern folk when asked for a ride home.

2. a sexual act performed by a man and woman, when traffic is light, and no one cares if you swerve.
1.a- cooter asks,"enus can you ride me home? i'm fuck'd up?"
b-"sure i'll ride ya home, but you gotta give me gas money."
by imstilltruble May 25, 2008
a moment of utter stupidity, or synapsis misfireing, where an action can be moronic, or comically dumb. or a brain fart with no explaination.
a-" have you seen my glasses?" he asked."i just had them a second ago."
b-"ba-deerp-a-dur, ted, they're on top of your head"
by imstilltruble May 25, 2008

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