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Said to someone making a loud noise (often put on) noise while coughing/ sneezing disturbing something important.
Person 1: *cough cough* ah *cough cough*
Person 2: Can you please die quietly, I'm trying to listen to this movie.
by imogenella March 01, 2012
A small costwold village in Gloustershire. Is owned by the current Major Tom Wills as part of a large Estate, Named Miserden Estate. Has a church, pub, school, B&B, nusery and Shop as well as being surrounded by brilliant walking and riding areas. Also has v. nice people including Hara and Ella.
Ramberler 1: Where are you going?
Ramberler 2: I'm going to walk tot the pub in miserden called the Carpenters' arms' then I'm going to visit Hara cause she is awesome.
by imogenella April 21, 2011
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