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The red party cups that are often present at high school and college parties where alcohol is being served. Nobody ever knows exactly what drink is inside the cup, giving the reds their sketchiness.
Bro #1: Yo I was at that party last night, sketch reds everywhere. Put my cup down and I didn't know if I got roofied or what.

Bro #2: Yeah man, gotta watch out for those sketch reds. Never know what you're gonna get.
by imeaniguess August 24, 2011
Alleana is a girl that is perfect. And simply everyone is jealous. The reason why she gets most hate. But is very loyal and a great friend, has gorgeous blue eyes, is very short, and is straight up with everyone. Everyone dreams to be her that's why many try to hate. Has a great passion for doing things that make her happy. Alleana's are just perfect people you wish you could be.
I wish I was Alleana
God Alleana's are straight up.
by ImeanIguess May 19, 2015
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