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An erection males experience caused by the vibrating sensation from driving in a automobile.
Dude, I can't get out of the car yet. I still have a road on from that long ride.
by imdeadicated November 14, 2009
Word herder: Somebody who feels the compulsion to force word(s) he/she has just learned into a conversation.
Bobby: dude, I think my head’s going to explode. I’m so hung-over.
Kevin: well bobby, that’s a manifestation of the box of wine you pounded last night.
Bobby: Manifestation?
Kevin: yeah, manifestation, outward or perceptible indication. It’s today’s word of the day on my new word of the day calendar
Bobby: You stupid tool, you're a damn word herder.
by imdeadicated December 09, 2009
Typically Saturday, but can be a Sunday, after a long, grueling week at work.
Bobby: Dude, I'm exhausted. What a week, thank god it's Friday.
Kevin: I know it, thank God tomorrow's Saturday.
Bobby: Yup! Mañana from Heaven.
Kevin: Huh? What's that?
Bobby: You're a moron.
by imdeadicated January 07, 2010

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