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To perform the act of humiliating a person in public for comedy.
Man, you're clownin' back there was hilarious!
by imacheater2k7 September 18, 2007
1.) A way of saying 'Home Boy', but with an added flair designed especially for caucasian (white) people.

2.) A way for African American (black) people to humiliate an ex-homie; used as an insult.
1.) Yo, Home Bloy, we headin' down to Hooters. You game?

2.) Yo, tackle that Home Bloy. He just stuck me in the nuts and took my wallet.
by imacheater2k7 September 18, 2007
Another form for the word "chill".

To calm down, or settle into a more restful, non-stressful mood.
Yo homie, you need to chizzax!
by imacheater2k7 September 18, 2007
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