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-cantonese shortform for 多多懒也, doh doh lan yeh/ duo duo lan yeh/toh toh lan yeh

-direct translation = alot cock thing
-definition = talk alot of cock

-A lingo for TTLY

-a person who doesn't like buttsex

-daddy don't love you

-DOTA don't lan yeng
somebody cock talking alot, and u say,

-Why you DDLY so much?

Stop TTLY ok? you're damn noisy !

I'm going to stop DDLY now, bye
by im3zero August 02, 2012
short form for cantonese word toh toh lan ye, 多多懒也

lingo for DDLY

direct translation - alot of cock

definition - talk alot of cock
when u hear someone boasting, he's definitely TTLY a lot.
by im3zero August 02, 2012
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