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A person who stalks someone on myspace. Usually they are totally and completely obsessed and sometimes may know the person in real life.

They can be rather scary, and will fill your inbox with messages they have written to EVRY BULLITEN you post. They send more messages on top of that asking why you haven't answered the other messages yet.
Tab:So, how's your myspace stalker?
Jess:Umm... He's kinda creeping me out.
Tab:How so?
Jess:Well we don't even know each other, but I saw him at school so I was polite and waved. Then, he wrote me on myspace and said he was mad because I didn't go sit with him at the assembly in the gym.
Tab:Psycho much?
Jess:I think so.
by ily4ever May 13, 2007

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