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A very, very large campfire log which with a great deal of effort will eventually catch fire and burn... often for several days. A gypsy log always the thickest log found near a campfire ring and usually showing signs of previous burn attempts. Gypsy logs are extremely difficult to light due to their size and density of the wood, but once lit they WILL NOT go out and can be used to restart the fire. If camping in one location for any period of time a gypsy log can form the core of each evening's burn-session. Store-bought wood will never contain a gypsy log. The origin of the term is from a USFS park ranger in the Trinity National Forest, Northern California circa 1985.
Dude, that gypsy log has been burning since Friday night. Is it ever going out?

This camp site is awesome! Let's see if we can find a gypsy log.

Shit! Check out that gypsy log!
by ilovetopgun March 21, 2010

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