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A beautiful girl, inside, and out. She has a heart that is focused on God and she loves other people. The typical Emma has blonde hair and is downright sexyy. Boys fall all over her, even though she may not know it. She is learning how to be courageous throughout life as it goes on and God is helping her through it all. Boys would be so lucky to have her. She will never let you down. You can tell her a secret, and she won't tell it to anyone! Very trustworthy. Prays for others all the time. You would be so, so, so lucky to have an Emma in your life.
I LOVE going to church, to learn about God, and to see Emma.

DAYYUMM.. that must be an Emma. She is sooo hot.

I want to get with that Emma.

I wonder if that girl is single? and if her name is emma....
by ilovepeace October 25, 2012

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