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A "Christian" university with a relatively large party scene. Some of the most hypocritical people can be found here, getting drunk or high on Saturday night and then going to church hungover on Sunday morning.
The classes are fairly easy, and everyone in the administration seems to be extremely oblivious to the fact that their students are out drunk every weekend.
Since it's technically a dry campus, students get wasted in off-campus party houses with names that sound stupid to non-Belmont students, such as The Palace, The Manor, The Taj Mahal, The Plantation, etc.
A Belmont student will graduate with a degree in drunkenness and a minor in circling for parking for 30 minutes. Or Music Business.
Guy 1: Where do you go to college?
Guy 2: Belmont University.
Guy 1: Aren't they all Christian and shit there?
Guy 2: Nah man, last weekend I got shitfaced and hooked up with two Religion majors at the Taj Majal!
by ilovebelmont December 13, 2009

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