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A term applied to a person who goes on Youtube or Facebook (or any other spammable thing) to spam. May have a tendency to even skip school to spam, and does not have anything to do but go on the computer.

Started in a school in Burnaby, not far from Vancouver.

Based on a real person, but not a real name.

Can be used in other like words such as:
- Potassiumesque
- Potassiumlike
- Potassiumish
"God, stop being so much like Potassium!"
"That comment was something Potassium would say"
"That comment was so Potassiumesque"
#south #k #potassuim #potassiuum #antispam #loser #no #life
by ilovePCs March 08, 2009
A short name for "Potassium". Usually used as a short form when referring to a Potassium-like person (Potassium meaning a spammer).
"Get off my Youtube Profile, Potass"
"Stop being such a douche, you Potass"
"Seriously, saying stuff like that is really bad and someone like you will be labeled as a Potass impersonator"
#potassium #potass #loser #spammer #youtube #facebook
by ilovePCs March 09, 2009
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