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a person who spouts specious, inane and trivial trivial political rhetoric.

a mitwit who repeats the "party line" regardless or whether or not it has any bearing, meaning, logic or value.
That guy's just another mittpicker, incapable of putting together a logical cogent thought!
by ilookmarvlus July 27, 2012
A style of underwear worn by country gals under their daisy dukes.
Say Dora May, ain't these new boot cut panties the sweetest? The color matches my red Tony Lamas and they accent my long horn tramp stamp perfectly!
by ilookmarvlus January 26, 2012
Verb: To blind side a famous person with claims of nefarious deeds and immoral acts.
The massuese albushed him, claiming that he asked for sexual favours!
by ilookmarvlus July 25, 2010
Adjective: To rudely impune someone's character or deeds...
When she claimed all Al wanted was a "Happy Ending", she was ever so Gorish!
by ilookmarvlus July 25, 2010
Those unreachable and not understandable people your company hires to perform mission critical systems supoort in a location so far away it would take a hot air baloon and 40 days to get there.
I called tech support three times today and kept getting the same support clown. Every time I did what he asked I could swear I heard a horn honking and wind whistle.
by ilookmarvlus February 07, 2012
A bladder blocker is one of those ner do well friends and associates who seem to think that it's welcome and approrprate to intercept you need to urinate and they stop you outside the bathroom door at the worst possible moment.

Related to: Dump Blocker
What's with that butthead, everytime I have the urge he has to bladder block me!

Freaking Bladder Blocker! Next time I'm just going to smile and pee on his foot how's that for warm and fuzzy!
by ilookmarvlus January 05, 2012
Particularly loud and noticable flatuance accompanied by the strong and lingering smell of decay and sulfer.
Wooo, I really brought a case of Satan's Air Biscuits home today. If you try you can almost smell the black beans from my lunch-time burrito.
by ilookmarvlus December 13, 2012

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