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Probably the most annoying statement said by anyone. A responce to when person A does something and it reminds person B of something else, and he/ she starts cracking up for no apparent reason.
Claire: Sydney, the funniest thing happened yesterday with Anna. We were walking down the street and this hobo looked at us, and we ran away. hahahaha

Sydney: Claire, thats not really funny. It's pretty creepy.

Claire: Eh, I guess so. You had to be there.
by ilogin.syd March 10, 2012
The road hiden in the trees. It's not in the middle of nowhere, but it is in the middle of everything. NOT. Bullock Circle is way far off of many things, including most schools, so icy drives to school and traffic will drive any sane driver nuts.
Guy 1: Hey dude, where do you live?
Guy 2: Bullock Circle
Guy 1: Hey! I live there too!
Guy 2: I wonder why I haven't seen you in the neighborhood.
Guy 1: It's probably because our neighborhood is in a circle!!
Guy2: (sigh)
by ilogin.syd January 29, 2011

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