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AOTP: Army of the Pharaohs, A group consisting of some of the greatest rappers in Hip Hop. Created by Vinnie Paz.
Members: Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Chief Kamachi, 7L & Esoteric, Virtuoso, Bahamadia, Apathy, Reef the Lost Cauze, Des Devious, Faez One and King Syze.
"(AOTP)Army of the Pharaohs never make love songs;
We finger fuck bitches with Freddy Kruger gloves on"
-Celph Titled (Song: Swords Drawn)
by illmattic August 05, 2008
The Demigodz is/was a side project from members of Army of the Pharaohs and Jedi Mind Tricks. Apathy and Celph Titled re-united the demigodz in 2000. The demigodz have a long history but it is currently just Celph Titled and Apathy
"A-O-T-P or D-E-M-I-G-O-D-Z
either or galore heaters pour"
by illmattic August 05, 2008
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