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A very strange place. you've got your poor parts (Santa Ana, Garden Grove, some of Orange and Fullerton) and you've got your rich parts (virtually all of south county). Very wide income gap between the two. You got beaches, million dollar houses, poor parts, projects, and everything in between. Im from Santa Ana, and all the white people who left in the 60's are coming back, not to live here, but to shop, it's strange. Much of Orange County is populated by yuppy ass white people, (the only exception would be here, but now even mexican girls are rockin that bullshit ass cracka apparel).
Santa Ana is a prime example of Orange County's darker side. You've got fundamental schools the government put in to push the slacker kids around here, but it dosent do any good. Soon it will be all crackers and asians after all the raza moves to riverside.
by illlx December 05, 2006

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