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1 definition by ilivehere

The most Jewish town in the world. where everyone is a JAP, so everyone calls everyone else a JAP without feeling bad. eveyone who lives there is so proud to say that they do. what they dont realize is- no one cares.

home of the walking designer,model body,big nosed girls
and the really nerdy well dressed guys

where there are about three black kids in the school, none of whom are ghetto at all.

where public schools beat out most private schools.
welcome to scarsdale....
girl wearing lacoste shirt points at girl wearing juicy pants and squeals: OMFG SHE IS SUCH A JAP!

rich girl to semi-rich girl: no. eeeefffing. way. i cant believe you didnt get a mini cooper with your drivers license. you are soooo deprived!
by ilivehere December 03, 2006