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Facebook Ethics involves the practice of lying to people to obtain their personal information for your own private agendas. This is increasingly shown in the social networking world, popularized by Facebook.

May use the following tactics:
- bait-and-switch, promising something nice but doing something else.
- web buzzwords that have no meaning but sound cool because they're buzzwords.
- bandwagoning, because everyone is on Facebook.
- enraging you every time a change is made but keeping you coming back through its allure. see bait-and-switch again.

All these tactics allow the Facebook-ethical actor to gain control of the masses and continue without much resistance; they can then run off the idea that it is ethical by someone's standards.
Person 1: I'm going to sell this mailing list to a third party!
Person 2: But that's not ethical.
Person 1: Yes it is, it's Facebook Ethics!
by ilikecheeese May 04, 2010

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