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2 definitions by ilcou

Expression of suprise.

When a friend axe's you something, and you were obviously going to do it, you state "Nigga-Please!" to express the shame you feel at having such an insult to your honor.
Lysol: We gonna rape some bitches tonight?
Lyrese: Nigga-Please!

Tyrolla: Pass the blunt.
Durunka: Nigga-Please
by ilcou August 10, 2004

A person who goes to Urban Dictionary.com and decides that something is too offensive and asks for it to be removed. They then repeat the aforementioned task waaay too many times, for no good reason.
Mr. Helling: Oh no! I went to a blatantly offensive site! I better be an Urban-Hoe and start complaining!
by ilcou August 10, 2004