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1 definition by iknowmorethanyouaboutthis

Lee Harvey Oswald was framed by the CIA for his supposed involvement with the Soviet Union. Oswald was accused of killing J.D. Tippit and JFK. Oswald was killed shortly thereafter outside of a police station by Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission released their verdict, which stated that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK from the 8th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

The best part about this already fallacious investigation is the “magic bullet” theory, because everyone knows that it is totally possible to have a bullet move in and out of two people multiple times.

As Oswald said, “I’m a Patsy!”
"Person with an IQ over 20: Yes he did dipshit, when you're shot in the head it blows out the other side and causes your head to fall towards where you were shot from therefore it's impossible for him to have been shot from the grassy nole, he had to have been shot from where Lee Harvey Oswald was. Dumbass."
Dear Dumbass,

May I suggest that you actually watch the Zapruder film?

All evidence points towards the deadly shot being delieved from the grassy knoll.
by iknowmorethanyouaboutthis July 19, 2009
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