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5 definitions by ijwahak

Another word for horrible.
Man:Did you see my gf?
Other Man: Yeah man, she looks horrid!
Man: WTF no she's hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
Other Man: Horrid!
Man: Hot!
by ijwahak December 16, 2005
107 22
Abbreviation for Sergeant.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was The Beatles greateast album ever, and came first place on Rolling Stones' top 500 album list.
by ijwahak January 14, 2006
52 15
How morons spell the word the.
7h3 Vancouver Canucks are cool.
by ijwahak February 15, 2006
13 8
Stand for "good times".
Can also be spelt as gt's or GTS.
So many gts back in elementary school.
by ijwahak February 17, 2006
28 51
An old lady that smells like poop. Has wrinkles, brown spots on her skin, and uses a lot of saliva when kissing your cheek.
My grandma's BO is worse than the smell of my ass crack after a week of no wiping.
by ijwahak December 29, 2005
43 68