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staten island is a borough of NEW YORK CITY you may not liik iit but guess wat that's wat iit is. all you ppl that shyt on iit that aiint even been 2 NEW YORK but talk bout iit liik iits your second home are faker then hell (LOOK WHERE U LIVIN aka NOT NEW YORK). staten island can B full of fakes but so can the Bronx. Brooklyn. Queenz. & Manhattan. or any other place U go, where U r don't make U fake who U r N how U act does. as far as staten island gurls being sluts or hoes completely false, staten island gurls r picky when iit comes 4rm getting wiit a nigga 4rm another borough cause yall niggas r the SLUTS n HOES fucking every hood rat bitch wiit a stink hole. ii don't rep staten island ii don't go hard 4 iit ii just don't appreciate all U ppl talking shyt so please STOP, THANK YOU!!!
nOn staten islander: your new right?


nOn staten islander: oOo so where you 4rm?

me: staten island.

nOn staten ialander:

(if even knowing bout staten) ewww ii hear iits maddd corny there!

me: mayb iit is mayb iit isn't but that's where ii was born N raised so have some RESPECT damn!!!
by iiTs_just.wat.iiT_is October 01, 2009

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