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Cheerleading is a high school/college activity that is always discussed whether or not it's a sport.
Some people say that putting on make-up and wearing skirts isn't a sport.
Other's say that throwing other people in the air and then catching them is a sport.
Cheerleading teams compete in competitons just like every other team. They develop bruses, cuts, and broken bones just like every other team.
The commons misconception with cheerleading is that every girl on the team is a whore. But that is a stereotype. Movies have portrayed cheerleading as something it isn't.
Those who think believe what the movies tell them are morons.
Is cheerleading really a sport? The world may never know.
"Althetes lift weights. Cheerleaders lift athletes."

Person 1: "Cheerleading is not a sport. Marching band is."
Person 2: "Fuck no. Marching band is NOT a sport. No matter what you compare it to."
by iheartache April 27, 2009

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