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2 definitions by ihaveNOideaMAAM

Kailey is a gorgeous girl who stands up for anything she believes in and is right. Any boy is lucky enough to have her. She is good at every sport she does wether she trys or not. Basketball is her main sport. She is super tall and is skinny as a stick. She has pretty eyes and LONG eye lashes. All of the girls are jealous and all the guys want her. She is crazy most times but everyone loves her. She would do anything to be with her crush. All of the guys would do anything for her. Kailey is just an amazing girl.
Girl 1: Ugh. Kailey is too perfect.
Girl 2: Yeah. I wish I was her.
Girl1: Me too!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012
Drew is a girl who is caring. She is a beautiful lady. She is very athletic and play as much sports as she can. She is a very good friend and will always be there for you. She can be a bitch so you better not mess with her. You are rude to her, she give it 10x worse back. She would do anything for her crush. She is crazy always ready for fun. Also many don't like her because she is cocky at times, but if anyone really got to know her they would love her.
Boy: Man Drew is pretty and funny! I wish she wasn't taken!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012