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Jew Penis (see wonders of the world): The reproductive organ belonging to a man of the Jewish faith. This organ is used in producing offspring that lives well over 300 years, with extremely strong immune systems, innate physical dominance over other human races, as well as the highest intellectual capacity known to man, and the most efficient warriors. The jew penis is also used for giving extreme amounts of pleasure to women during sex; a team of researchers comprised of medical experts from the U.S., U.K., France, India, and Japan have concluded that women receive more sexual stimulation to their entire body - and mind - from one stroke of penetration from the jew penis than any regular penis. Typically the jew penis is the largest of the human penises and will stay erect for the longest duration of time. Medical advances in treatment for over 100,000 types of human defects/mutations are all due to the plethora of extremely pure genes found in the semen of the jew testicles.
"Did you hear about Jessica?" "Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I heard that Adam Goldman used his 'jew penis' to give great amounts of sexual pleasure to Jessica! Is this true?" "Yes, this is very true Jessica is having trouble finding anything as pleasuring as her penetration by Adam Goldman's 'jew penis'!"
by ihartjoo December 16, 2008

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