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It's really not that bad. At least that's what the people who live there try to think. What is there to do? Nothing. That's why they have so many drugs. It's full of indie college students and the high schoolers get dumber as they get older. If you're looking for drugs, just ask anyone. They most likely have a hook up. If you HAVE to visit: Hogan Brothers and Blue Monday are a "good" nofo expierience. Jesse James tried to rob this bank and this dude was like "get your guns" and a bunch of people got shot and that was basically it. But thanks jesse, for making it impossible to drive ANYWHERE that one week in september. P.S. Don't mention faribault.
mother: jimmy, have you been doing drugs
25 year old jimmy: i don't know what drugs are....
mother: clean your room. you have nothing better to do.

person from northfield: your town smells like ass.
person from faribault: shut the fuck up, you're 25 and you live with your mom.
person from northfield: wanna buy some drugs?
by ihaaaatethistown March 20, 2011

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