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a male name of sinhalese descent (sri lanka) which means "priceless","of EXTREMELY high value" or "too great to be measured by materialistic means". Sometimes mistaken for the similarly spelled Eastern European female name "Amelia" (pronounced "Ahh-Me-Lee-Ahh), "Amila" is very distinct in the 3rd phoneme 'Ahh-Me-Le(like the beginning of the word "Learning"- a "lea" sound).
Arthur: Hey Amila!
Amila: Hey Arthur! What's up?
Arthur: Wanna go hang out with Buster?
Amila: Let's go!
#amila #amelia #amil #a #milli #amilli #millionaire #priceless #invaluable #arthur ardvark
by iguessimprettyfunny February 24, 2009
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