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2 definitions by iglooman58

Menlo is a incredibly preppy school, possibly the biggest in the country.
The tuition is insanely high (27 grand). It is ridiculous. Its neighbor school St. Joes is a few blocks from it, only with the Christian population. Too good for real grass, Menlo Students enjoy sitting out in the sun on their turf. Each teacher is extremely liberal, and forces all students into the Democratic party. You are not accepted at Menlo unless you have 17 different colors of Lacoste, Polo, and Abercrombie shirts. Lucky jeans are unacceptable. Only Sevens and True Religions.
The Menlo School kid is such a rich ass.
by iglooman58 May 28, 2006
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Menlo is the most preppy place is the U.S. It has many plants, unlike Portola Valley. It is in Atherton, a place for preppy, rich people.
Brigham is the classic Menlo School student.
He is gay.
by iglooman58 May 28, 2006
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