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EMO doesn't stand for anything, and it isn't anyone in particular, nor is it a group of people. It once was, as many people have already stated, a genre of music, now it is used to refer to those people who don't fit into the categories we have created. just because we do not understand one person does not mean we have to class them then throw away any last remaining thoughts of them. one day we should approach one and ask whether they are okay, maybe you'll be pleasantly suprised by the lack of stereotypical comments in their reply.

Some people have been through hard times, some people don't know HOW to cope with what is happening to them, why don't we, instead of shunning them, help them and then maybe there won't be any need for this utterly pointless category.

Cutting-isn't necessarily a characteristic of "EMOhood", its a phase of life, and sometimes an outlet of frustration and pain. would you prefer them to take their anger out on others?
Random person 1:Man, you're EMO...
"EMO": *thwack!*

Moral: Don't stereotype others, especially when you can't, or don't, stereotype yourself.
#emo #stereotypes #emohood #cutting #categories
by idioticsmartass June 22, 2007
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