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A traditional filipino celebration similar to a quinceaƱera, but for a girl's 18th and a boy's 21st birthdays. Girls are usually the ones who make a big deal out of it. It's not a required thing, but girls with rich or semi-rich families will usually over-do these celebrations and make their cotillion look like a wedding and have videos and pictures of the celebration on social websites, only to get ridiculed by the cost and the amount of seriousness those said girls put into their cotillion.
Girl 1: "Check out my cotillion!"
Girl 2: "Omg this is for your 18th birthday? I didn't even get a cake for my birthday."
Girl 1: "FOR YOUR INFORMATION It's a filipino tradition."
Girl 2: "Okay spoiled girl..."
by icuthrumywindow December 21, 2011

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