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1. (adj.) one who steals or copies another person's ideas, thoughts, words, or actions and attempts to pass them off as their own.

2. (adj.) someone who pretends to be of a certain group of people in order to become more popular, look cool, or fit in.

3. (adj.) a sorry sucker who is only believable enough to fool themselves and the other poor bastards who fall into the same category.

4. (adj.) a human being with low self-confidence or high levels of immaturity who believe that by living a lie, they will be able to redeem themselves for who they trully are.

The usual lot of posers nowadays include anywhere between tween, pre-teen, and teen. They are made blatantly identifiable by there over the top make-up, hair, costume, action, and 'persona' developed in order to insinuate themselves into whatever category the poser is attempting to infiltrate.
An official dead give-away for a poser is the afore mentioned appearance. But one of the most tell-tale signs of a poser is the fact that they really have absolutely no idea about whatever it is that they are trying to imitate. Simply, they have no understanding of it, and fly by on the bare-bones of knowledge they have probably gathered swiftly over the internet.
Demi Lavato

Selena Gomez

Avril Lavigne

Miley Cyrus

the whores of tween/pre-teen/and teen sets who think they can pull of the emo/scene/rock/skater/punk etc.,etc.,etc. look.

Poser: Like OMG, that new Tokio Hotel stuff is soo cool!

Non-poser: Um, I don't really listen to that. I'm more of a Lamb of God type of guy :D

Poser: ...........

erm, Paramore is like soo cool! Don't you think?

Non-poser: .... :/ Sure.
by icrylimabeans July 30, 2009

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