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When you have to return the bathroom, some time after taking a shit and initially wiping, to wipe again. This could be due to a number of different reasons like; not wiping properly the first time, anal leakage, swampass, ect.
If you asshole itches this may be a sign that you have to double wipe. May be referred to as DW for short.
Man, I think I need to go double wipe, my asshole itches.
by Ickarus February 15, 2008
A slang word that is used to show closeness or acceptence between one man and another man, and at the same time make fun of him. Usually used in a sarcastic or jokingly way. A variation on the terms: Bro, Brotha, Broham, etc.
"Nice shot Broscahontas, you completly missed the hoop.
by ickarus June 05, 2007
TYG short for Tender Young Girl is usually used by guys over the age of 18 to refer to girls under 18 they think are very hot or very cute but off limits.
If I was only 3 years younger I would definitly hook up with that TYG.
by Ickarus February 14, 2008

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