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This is done when you are standing, and a girl is on her knees giving you oral sex. Just before you cum pull you shaft out of her mouth, while at the same time boxing both her ears at the same time. Then finish by exploding into her eyes. When this is done right she should be deaf, blind and feel dumb for letting you do it to her.
I recently became single because i gave my EX Girlfriend the helen keller bj treatment
by iceman marcus November 29, 2009
The Charlie Brown buck is a painful sex move. It is done when the man is getting sick and tired of the old lady and just wants to end it as quick as possible, but without words being exchanged. The move is performed when the man is having sex with his girlfriend in the standing doggy style position. While thrusting in and out the man will scream the words "Charlie Brown" then immediately thrust his shaft into the girls brown eye. This will drop her to the ground, and then the man will finish by doing the snoopy dance around her while she is crying.
I think i may have broken my dick last night giving the old lady the Charlie Brown buck.
by iceman marcus November 29, 2009
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