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A bearded growth of several months, preferably on a male, which refuses completely to fill in despite the use of multiple tonics and hair growth formula.
Dude.. Are you trying to grow a beard?
Yes, buy after several months all I got is a Canalotte!
#beard #face #fur #growth #man
by Icecreamman January 06, 2014
bitch who believes in bitchassness, and hating zebras.
hey, gabby, that nigga just molested a zebra, shrew status.
#bitchassness #zebra #bitch #nigga #niggabitch
by icecreamman May 23, 2010
HAGWB (Have a Good Weekend Bitches) is an endearment said to co-workers Friday afternoons in anticipation of departing from a seemingly endless work week. Reportedly first used by "Big ED" to add some EDge to the routine Friday. May be garnished with fitting Marley Music, but not C-rap.
"Bitches" can be removed and it is appropriate to say HAGW to your employer, ......but not in a suck ass way.
Mano, Mano, this has been a long work week.... HAGWB!!!
#adios #have a good weekend #bitches #work #endearment
by Icecreamman May 09, 2015
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