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gay homo ....gay same as

that is if i translate the latin

or happy same as

if i then use the old meaning

i would quite like to be called a gay homo it would realy mean being called the same as happyness and thats realy sweet
uhhr you gay homo

aww thanks thats realy nice

uhhr what i called you gay

yes and i am, very happy
by ice elemental April 16, 2004
effectively the same word twice this is the kind of insult used purely by people to stupid to think of somthing that is actiualy wrong with a person like for example extreme body odor or the inability to not behave like a steryotypical redneck
uhhr stop using long words you gay faggot
by ice elemental April 16, 2004
cool if used to good efect...lets face it there is somthing that makes go yiff yourself sound dityer than go fuck yourself usualy however its just somthing people say when they are around people they dont feel comfortable swearing around...say your girl friends parents or somthing

also used in great effect in father ted where all that was required was an accent and they could cuss as much as they liked without being restricted in when they showed theyer program
spooge monkey

yiff off

pig grabber
by ice elemental January 18, 2004

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