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youngest kenworthy. soon to be the hot upperclassman of chatham hall. known for being disruptive, many of her non-phd teachers at the hall dislike her particularly her histor teacher. stands in the shadow of her brother, will, and hates not being ableto get what she wants because the role he plays at his boys school. has the typical north carolina southern accent that is amplified when she whines, which she does a lot.smokes too much, and none ofthe freshman like her because she is an ass to them
"hey who was that loud girl wearing that orange shirt from chatham at the EHS game?"
"oh- that was frannie. apparently its cool to get drunk at a football game so she made an ass out of herself."
"didn't she hook up with that alex pankoff guy?"
"yeah but she was obnoxious so he ditched her."
by icantstandu November 14, 2006

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