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1. technology that is not quite hardware and not quite software, but somewhere in between

2. a combination of software and hardware
Young businessperson: We should upgrade our systems not just with new hardware - I'm proposing a chubware solution for our company.

Old Businessperson: How hard will this proposed change be?

Young businessperson: Semi-hard
by iancharcoal January 01, 2012
1. anything that is too difficult for the human mind or body to accomplish

2. the exact opposite of 'a walk in the park'
Harry: Are you still playing that old ass game?

Cube: Yes.

{500 hours later}

Harry: Dude, let it go, its a qwop in the park. No one's ever beat Super Contra, even with unlimited lives.
by iancharcoal November 29, 2011
A night of pr0n, or porn, dedicated to wining and dining with your left, right, or sometimes both hands and your favorite porn star in a free-for-all mastubation marathon by your terrible lonesome.

By definition, more interesting and productive than prom night.
Sam: Who are you going to prom with Jake?

Jake: Oh, I'm not going, I'm actually having a pron night, Melody Maxx is my date.

Sam: Damnit. Wish I was going to pron night.
by iancharcoal March 28, 2011

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