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"You can shut up now." Used mockingly in reference to people who, using stupid-looking internet shorthand, will say "k thx bye" ("okay, thanks, bye") when making a request on a message board or chatroom.
I don't think I'll be risking massive security holes in the software just so that you can write in pink. K THX BYE
by Ian Maxwell March 09, 2003
for no particular or important reason.
I have no practical use for the Finnish language, but I'm studying it for the hell of it.
by Ian Maxwell December 13, 2002
v. To find temporary lodging or shelter, as for the night.
"If you don't have anyplace to stay, you can crash at my place for the night."
by Ian Maxwell December 05, 2002
Analogous phrase to "in love", to describe one's feelings for a person that one is interested in romantically but not currently in love with. As one can love another as a friend but not be *in* love, so can one like another as a friend but not be *in* like.
I think I'm in like with that girl we met last week.
by Ian Maxwell July 31, 2003
Iadj./I notable or spectacular in its poor quality
I threw together a craptacular book report at the last second.
by Ian Maxwell October 15, 2002
synonym for "painful".
by Ian Maxwell December 05, 2002
Abbreviation for "Oh My God, You Suck."
You were the one who stole my wallet? OMGUS!
by Ian Maxwell November 03, 2002

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