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A goofy little country town in between the desert and mountains, just north of LA. Almost everyone has lived here there whole life, so everyone knows everyone. Seriously. You go "down below" to LA, and you see someone you know. Howdy Pardner!

It feels like it is stuck in the 1980s with its conservative politics, and the fact that everyone goes to church, I feel like I am in the Bible belt of the south. Many businesses are closed on Sunday. Lancaster has more churches per capita than any other city in CA.

Most everyone up here is in the military or works for an aerospace company.

Overall it is a good community, not much to do in terms of night-life, but the surrouding mountains and desert are good for people that like to bike or hike.

People move here once they have had their fun and just want to settle down, and ride a horse.
Where are you from?

I am from Lancaster!

Oh really, I have family living in Pennsylvania.

No Lancaster in CA.

There's amish country in CA?

Well not really, but kind of, never mind. Lancaster is a little city in the Mojave Desert by Edwards Air Force Base.

Oh, Edwards, I have heard of Edwards, where the space shuttle lands, you should have said that earlier. I know exactly where that is!!
by iamquitesmart April 26, 2012
A ghetto just north of the San Fernando Valley. Its the place you have to drive through to get to where you really want to go. If you're not blown off the freeways during the frequent windy weather, you will make it our alive, as long as you stay on the freeway.

Don't even think about it as a place to live,unless you like the ghetto. The weather is atrocious, besides the wind it is either blazing hot or freezing cold. The only plus is the rain, it looks a little like Venice because all the streets are covered in water, so you can't get anywhere. It actually is a nice area if you are into graffiti art, it seems that quite a few people that live here are; to each his own.

It is a nightmare to drive through, your best bet is to travel on a shopping cart, since there are so many lying around. If you haven't had your bike stolen, you could also ride a bike, on the bike paths that nobody uses except the homeless people that like to hang out in the Westfield Shopping Center.

The people are either high on drugs here or else yelling at you to get off their property. It is an extremely stressful place, nobody has fun, and there is nothing to do, unless you want to join a gang and hang out at Magic Mountain, terrorizing all the customers.
Hey Dude where do you live?

Have you ever heard of Santa Clarita? Did you say Santa Clara or something about the Klan. No I said Santa Clarita.

Once you find it, you go past that wall with all the graffiti, take a left at the house with the shopping carts and old car on the lawn.

I live in the nice house behind the barbed wire fence. Don't worry about scary dogs, they don't bite that hard.
by iamquitesmart April 26, 2012

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