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word that expresses ones complete and total apathy
i'm supposed to write an example here but. . . . . meh
by iamjack April 21, 2008
when a person looks and acts much younger than they really are
"look at shane with his bubbles he is such a welmo!"
by iamjack April 21, 2008
Where one person or organism dominates and controls another person so much they become one single entity aka: kables
katie has kevins balls in such a tight grip they've become kables
by iamjack April 20, 2008
when your wearing loose pants, you thrust back and forth so the bulge in your pants flaps about playfully
"ben was so happy he kevdanced in front of everyone!"
by iamjack April 18, 2008
A variance on Megan. Meagan is pronounced: Men-a-gan. Meagan is derived from the latin Meagas-Menagas which means clumsy and forgetful
Meagan has two moneys
by iamjack April 22, 2008

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