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the product of too many beers, too much gin, or too much whiskey and therefore an unguarded tongue when one imparts wisdom that is (for the most part - usually) beyond the abilities of the speaker. it may be personal insights shared on a blog late at night after a bottle of Jameson, or a bar room proverb, or a late night impartation of wisdom to ones friends about life, or romance. it might even be a rare moment of vulnerability to a wall that one has just pissed on in which the speaker shares with that piss stained wall a nugget of insight about life.
"dude, this may be the booze talking, but that bitch is wrong for you." "what ever dude you are just drunk enough to think that your drunken soliloquy makes sense."


i could have done something with my life, but instead i chose to piss it away and opportunity has long since ceased to knock at my door.


poor yorik, i barely knew ye blah blah what dreams may come blah blah blah pass the bong.
by iamfletch March 26, 2007

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